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How to practice writing IT articles for sale earn extra income

Introducing how to write IT articles teach computer teach how to use the program and making illustrations in IT articles Teach computers, teach programs, technology or other articles. can apply this technique as well This article is for readers who are learning to write articles. make this article to pave the way to becoming a computer book writer

Practice writing articles and making illustrations in IT-related articles. teach how to use the program teaching how to use computer about technology teach how to use mobile app Making illustrations will not be like the images used in other articles because it is necessary to use pictures to help explain the work process. Therefore, it is necessary to write or make a description on the picture as well. It is a more time-consuming and delicate process than making images in general articles.

Programs required to make illustrations

First of all, readers need to download a program for making illustrations, editing images, basic image editing.

1. Screen capture.software such as GreenShot is a free program for capturing screenshots. The program can capture multiple screenshots, such as the entire screen. Capture only the screen or the text frame that is currently in use, etc.
2. PhotoScape image editing program is also a free program to edit images, write descriptive text on the image.
3. FastStone PhotoResizer Image resizer, watermark, website name Name of the owner of the picture, frame the picture, change the name of the picture. can handle all of them at once


Examples of article illustration and article writing

The author would like to give an example of making an article. Teach how to use Chrome to search information on the Internet.
The contents of this article

Article title :
How to use Chrome to search the Internet Basics
Tutorial on how to use the Chrome program to help you find information. on various websites on the internet which contains almost every information we want to know But the basics that we must know first is to use search engines. How to find it
1. Turn on the computer or notebook. and connect to the Internet, for example via WiFi or modem or via mobile phone. This example will connect via WiFi.
2. On the reader’s computer, install an Internet browsing program. Use the internet like Chrome first. and double click to enter the program
3. When entering the Chrome program screen, type the word or text you want to search for, for example, take care of a Japanese used bike and press Enter on the keyboard. 4. In some notebooks, there is a microphone
. Click the mic image and speak instead of typing
the image.

How to capture images, make illustrations for articles

for articles that have already been written We will have to make an illustration of the article again, otherwise, we won’t know for sure after reading it.

2. The preparation of that illustration. To arrange the elements in the picture properly. By trying to arrange the screen, text boxes, commands on the screen to complete all 4 items written, such as having commands to connect to WiFi

3. There is a Chrome program icon placed nearby.
4. Show a screenshot of the Chrome program. The screen should be minimized to the smallest size. as far as possible Don’t use the big screen. The picture will be bigger as well. not good

5. In the Chrome program screen, type in a search term as well, such as taking care of a used bicycle in Japan.

6. When the image has been placed according to all 4 topics, we use a screen capture program such as GreenShot to capture the screen. Here is an example of image preparation and capturing. You can see that it is quite complicated and takes quite a bit of time as well.

7. To capture that screenshot If the screen we want, for example, only the Chrome program screen, in GreenShot program can choose to capture only the desired screen by pressing the Alt + PrintScreen keys on the keyboard.

How does IT article illustration differ from other articles?

Illustration of IT articles Teaching computers, teaching how to use apps will not be like the illustrations in general articles. must make a description on the image To make it easier to understand.
1. Examples of article details that have already been written. There will be a 4 step working process together.

2. If using an image that has not been captioned in the image As shown in the example picture below, I guarantee that the reader will be confused and difficult to understand for sure.

3. But if making a description on the picture like this It will help readers to understand more easily. Because a newbie probably doesn’t know what is what, what is number 1, what part of the picture is number 2, etc.

An example of making a picture with PhotoScape.

1. Examples of articles that have already been written There will be a 4 step working process together.

2. Open the captured image file with PhotoScape program, then click Add Object tab
3. Click Select text tool T
4. Click and type a description, such as No. 1 – No. 4
5. Use line tool Draw arrows pointing to commands, icons, or buttons. To know which part of each item is in the picture.
6. And when you want to actually use the picture, click the Combine pictures and objects button.

7. Click the Save button
8. Click to select 100% resolution quality
9. Click the Save button This save will keep the original high resolution image. In case it is used to make a book, an eBook will use this image, while making an image to use for a website must be done in another way.

10. Examples of making blogs, making websites, illustrations in that blog We must first measure the size of the image size, for example, this image uses a width of 615 Pixels only. It is a WordPress theme. If the image is used in Blogger, the image size should not exceed 580 or less. Joomla 3 sizes. Images should not be wider than 700 pixels.

11. Go back and edit the image you made with PhotoScape, click the Home tab
12. This image will use a width of 1024, which is too large. Should be reduced to fit the blog or website that we are going to use.
13. Click the downward-facing triangle after Zoom and then click Increase / Decrease Width.
14. Click and type in the width such as 615 and click the button. agree

15. Click the Save button
16. Click to select the quality of the image resolution at 75%, may have to reduce the size to 70%, 80%, 85% and select the next best image 17. Click the Save As button to
save This will save as a new image without any effects. per original image

18. A dialog box will appear to select a repository. Name the image file. Once finished, click the Save button.

19. The resulting image Double click to open details. Whether it’s sharp enough or not, see if you know what it means or not. by clicking the button to display the image in life size If the file is too big, you have to reduce the % to choose less than 75% or if it’s not clear, you have to increase the % in item 16.

20. The content of the article that has been written write the name of the illustration (makingittecharticles005.jpg) as well Otherwise, the time must be used. I don’t know what position to use.

Writing articles and making illustrations for IT-related articles teach how to use the program Teaching how to use computers, teaching how to use mobile apps, technology, or even academics is quite difficult. Because it focuses on using images to help explain the content. Unlike general article illustrations travelly no need to describe anything Pictures help convey a lot of meanings.

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