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JBL Tour Pro+ TWS Review

Welcome to the review These are the JBL Tour Pro+ wireless earbuds And these things are super duper rad They’re made to look professional and stylish, and I think they definitely fit the bill In terms of raw stats, these buds carry quite a punch With active noise canceling, impressively highly-rated battery lives, and IPX5 resistance to name a few Which does not mean waterproof by the way Nah.


AirPods-sized device

these things can only survive a small stream of water Nevertheless, the earbuds are certainly sizable contenders to other devices on the market And sizable they are If you have interestingly-sized ears like me, you’ll definitely need to play around with the sizing of the ear tips Thankfully, multiples of which are included in the box Which I definitely needed to change given the earbuds kept falling out of my ears More on that later Now moving on to the charging case.

it’s a nice AirPods-sized device with a two-tone matte black exterior and glossy interior With LED light indicators to show when the buds are connected to bluetooth Moving to the back, the case is wireless charging-capable and has USB-C on the bottom as well Which, thankfully, is included in the box But, no brick But overall, for the external impressions, these are solid-looking and durable earbuds with a case that reflects that as well Now, let’s talk about the sound quality and range For typical day-to-day use.

Fantastic Balance

these earbuds are pretty great Just like with other JBL products, they have good clarity and bass with fantastic balance All the sounds are super crips, and I’ve experienced no issues with the quality at all But, there have been some complaints about audio latency with there being potential lag between the video and sound But for me, I haven’t experienced that issue whatsoever In regards to the range, I set my phone across the lawn, and you can see it can go quite the distance This distance And in terms of my typical day-to-day use of weight training, cardio, or listening to a podcast, I’m really content with the audio quality of this device Moreover, these earbuds are actually quite stylish Because since they’re neutral-colored and subtle.

they fit with an assortment of different looks For instance, they can work well when you’re off to a professional event, like a meeting or a conference or at something more casual, like a party or even on a day when you want to look a bit more rugged These are fashionable daily-driver earbuds that don’t make you look like as much of a techie as some other ones And that subtly of these earbuds is something that I really appreciate Because, for me, oftentimes I’m dressed up And these don’t really distract from my appearance since they’re not too easy to spot.

Better Sizing

Especially when my hair is long But, my biggest initial problem with these earbuds was… they fell out so often In the beginning, they would fall out every 5 to 10 minutes, and that was quite concerning for this review Thankfully, I was able to change the tips for better sizing after a few tries So, lesson learned Try all of the sizes of the ear tips to see what best fits you Because one might fit better than the other Besides that small issue I had, though, these have been solid earbuds for me With a battery life that does meet expectations of 28 to 30 hours using the charging case, so that’s *click* And a surprisingly solid microphone to use with phone calls This is an audio quality test of the JBL Tour Pro+ earbuds, and they sound pretty good Now in terms of other things these earbuds have that will affect your day to day.

now let’s talk about the special features First off, ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation The active noise canceling of these earbuds is pretty good… But, there are some complaints Now, I personally don’t care about noise canceling that much, but I have noticed that some select sounds have made it through better than others Things like people speaking to you or the radio Those still bypass the noise cancellation even with the setting stating otherwise Which is good for some. But for people who want everything blocked out, keep that in mind It’s still surprisingly really good ANC, but it isn’t perfect Now in terms of other small features, there’s also Dual Connect with the earbuds, meaning each bud connects to your phone on its own Which is great for single earbud use, but it’s also really fast Like, as soon as I flip open the case.

they immediately connect to my phone It’s really impressive And there is an app to use with the earbuds, the JBL Headphones App, which is surprisingly really comprehensive You can configure the headphones to wake you up from a nap with an alarm Which I don’t know how you guys can fall asleep with headphones on, but I know it’s doable The app also has some other features, like Find My Buds, which plays this super loud high-pitch noise That also plays when you put the earbuds in wrong, which biggest complaint for me by far What is that sound? What is that? But overall.


that is a safety feature and a pretty small complaint, so it’s all good Now, let’s talk about the competition here for a second Ever since the AirPods came out, there have been many different wireless earbuds with the same design philosophy, case, two buds, app And for most, AirPods have reigned supreme Coming in a little more expensive than these Tour Pros, AirPods Pros are very similar buds with active noise canceling and quick bluetooth pairing But, they’re not nearly as stylish though For iPhone users though, AirPods are pretty tough to beat You get that Apple reliability and synchronicity with its devices that’s super rad and convenient So, definitely weigh in the pros and cons with that Moreover.

there’s also the Sony WF-1000X M4 Which, allegedly, is pretty competitive But, I will refer you to this website down in the description since I haven’t tried those earbuds out myself But, what I do know a bit about are these earbuds. And they’re pretty solid Truth be told, I’m not much of an earbud or headphone type of guy I wear them at libraries or at my university, but they’re not my preference overall Even still, though, these are awesome little devices.

They’re portable and light, so they’re not a burden to carry, they’re really easy to connect to your phone, and the sound quality is great And coming from a speaker brand like JBL, I expected no less So, they’re good Lastly, they can be pretty stylish This really shouldn’t be too much of a deciding factor But for those who dress professionally and don’t want their earbuds to take away from that, these are a great option Though, you probably shouldn’t be wearing any earbuds to a meeting.

So to give an overall score to the JBL Tour Pro+ earbuds, I give them an 8.5/10, which is really good I just wish the water resistance rating was better, the noise cancellation was more thorough, and that loud noise wouldn’t play every time I put the earbuds in wrong inside of the case and embarrass myself Besides that, the JBL Tour Pro+ TWS earbuds are premium, professional, and stylish headphones that, if you can afford, would be a great accessory for you And boom, earbud review down Apologies for the timing of the past few uploads Been going through quite the turbulent time in my life.

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