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Make a simple html website with ready-made web templates

An article introducing how to create a simple website with ready-made HTML templates, suitable for creating a website to introduce agencies, focusing on presenting information without updating. Emphasis on exhibition So that customers can view information about products and services only.

Examples of ready-made HTML web templates

Examples of ready-made web templates are available as free and paid downloads, such as here www.free-css.com. Choose the format of ready-made websites that meet the needs of use Then download it to your computer first. URL for downloading the template.


How to use ready-made templates

The use is quite convenient. Start by editing the information in the HTML file, such as the index.html file. Change to Thai language, add information about the agency. Example of editing HTML code with KompoZer.Then upload it to install on the actual website. See an example of a website like this at www.htmlweb.siteth.com

Advantages of a ready-made html web site

This type of website is suitable for people who don’t want to learn much about website development. And focusing on making a simple website without much information, suitable for websites with content that is not frequently updated and contains content with not many illustrations, for example, resorts, shops, various services, home building, etc. or registering a website domain for speculation sale

Advantages of HTML websites

A website like this doesn’t use a database. Emphasis on using pure HTML commands, so it works faster and does not consume server power.

HTML basics book
To create this type of website will use HTML commands, so it is necessary to find a book or HTML manual.

Install a web training program with HTML on our own machines.

HTML-based website training, we can practice doing it on our own computer. by installing the emulator Turn our computer into a web server similar to a physical server on the net, for example, install XAMPP.

1. Manage to copy the finished HTML web file into the htdocs folder of the XAMPP program.

2. Rename the folder from HTML to the name of the website that we will do. For convenience and ease of remembering which folder belongs to which website, such as homedd.

3. Launch the XAMPP program, open the program and click Start to run the program as an example.

4. Enter the internet surfing program and type localhost/folder name, such as localhost/homedd, press Enter.

5. It will display a sample website that has been tested in our own machine. After finishing customization can be moved to make a real website

Edit Templates with Kompozer

For editing the commands in the index.html file of the finished website. You may use the Kompozer program to download it for free by opening the file and editing it straight away. which will have to chase orders or parts of text then edit or delete it

Domain registration to make a real website
In registering a domain to make a real website, there will be some service providers such as siamlivehost.com. If you register a domain here, it will give you 25 MB of space for storing files. Which is enough to store ready-made website files created with HTML like this because it takes up very little space, less than 3 MB. Very little.

upload template to website
An example of uploading files to the website area It can be easily done through the FileZilla program by importing and placing it in the website area in the public_html folder, it will be able to run immediately.

Making an HTML website may not be popular. Because the creator must have some knowledge of HTML commands, but making a simple website sometimes doesn’t need to pay extra money. to rent space for a website especially the domain registration service siamlivehost.com Will give you 25 MB of free space, which is enough to store data for a small website. Focusing on providing information about their products and services, which collects only text and image data. Or maybe it’s just text. As for images stored on websites, video files are stored on Youtube, etc.

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