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Gengo Translation Companies in the World

Translation continues to grow rapidly as a business. With technological developments such as artificial intelligence, localization, website translation, medical translation and many similar services are instantly accessible. With these developments, technology is beginning to replace human translators. These factors make establishing a well-planned translation company an important goal. There is a special element that Gengo attaches importance to in this regard. Professional translation platform Gengo, while valuing the technology and developments that carry its services into the future, continues to support the power of human translators and their ability to perceive nuances that computers cannot detect.


The feature that makes Gengo in the sector is its ability to keep these concepts together. At this point, there is another point where start-ups such as Waygo, Dakwak, VerbalizIt, Gengo and of course Gengo are successful: translation company management as a start-up.


So what lies behind the success of these start-up translation companies? What is the best translation agency business model?

Gengo answers this question with its disruptive business model. This business model means being able to provide services in languages ​​that are the most difficult to translate, as well as providing neural machine translation and SEO-compatible translation services. While focusing on these services, the power of human translators is never forgotten. In addition, Gengo uses its translation services business model extremely efficiently to create truly disruptive innovation. In other words, it not only protects the important basic elements in translation, but also enables users to access any service they need with a few clicks. Carrying its name to the top as a translation start-up that offers machine translation and human translation in a balanced combination, Gengo continues to offer the advantages of both worlds 24/7 to everyone, from business professionals to students.


Some of the Services Gengo Offers:

When Gengo was first established, a very important concept emerged while researching how to move forward as a good translation company and examining and interpreting different translation business models. For Gengo, technology was at the forefront of the services offered, plus there had to be a second layer where translators edited, reviewed and translated. Only in this way seemed possible to provide a truly high-quality machine translation service and to offer leading-edge language services in a way that could differentiate itself among its competitors in the translation start-up market.

In this direction, besides machine translation, all its types (statistics, adaptive and neural machine translation)) had to be offered to customers. However, it also required the use of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools and the integration of the Application Programming Interface (API). Bringing these elements together, Gengo meets all business or translation needs and can offer the most appropriate service in line with the customer’s needs, wishes and budgets. It has Translation Memories (TM) for every sector and vertical, and an online network of expert translators in more than 70 languages. All these advantages come together in a user-friendly platform. Technology, translation and talented translators from all over the world meet in one place. Thus, Gengo, which has revolutionized its sector, continues to raise the bar against its competitors.

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