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Ways to Earn Money Working from Home

Many of us yearn to work in our home in a self-determined order, thinking about how we can do it. Although it may seem like a dream to set up a special work plan for ourselves and only work in the jobs we choose, it is actually not that hard to achieve. With COVID-19, many brands competed to be dominant in the digital world, so opportunities to work online have also seen a huge increase. While people were confined to their homes, they had the opportunity to open their services to the world. With the pandemic period, the following question came to our minds: Is it possible to serve abroad individually and earn an income with dollars? What are the ways to earn dollars?

In this article, we will discuss what platforms you can do to earn money with dollars in Turkey.

Show Your Hands
A famous movie quote sums up what we have to say about it: If you’re good at something, you should never do it for free. Check out the most popular products abroad on sites like Etsy or Shopify and look for areas where you can incorporate your own talents. Do you like drawing? You can create a portfolio online and accept drawing requests from abroad and earn $20 per drawing. Recently, cute plush toys and accessories have been attracting a lot of attention, you can show your skills and become customers from abroad. Platforms such as Etsy, Society6, Shopify and Redbubble allow you to earn foreign currency from your own boutique account with a small commission fee.

Earn Money with Youtube

With the popularization of social media, there are many people who open a Youtube account as a hobby and shoot videos. While some of these people earn a nice pocket money from their videos, some of them work on Youtube as their main source of income. Channels that succeed in capturing the attention of their target audience in many areas such as daily life channels, food channels, and drawing channels gain a large fan base over time. If you want to make money on Youtube, what you need to do is to shoot videos that will attract the attention of your target audience and share them on social media and start making money from videos with Google Adsense. Let’s add a tip, instead of addressing only Turkey, it will be much more useful for you to prepare videos that attract attention in the global context.

Making Money With Freelance Writing

Content writing has gained great importance as many brands try to connect with their customers by producing original content. You can find job postings in your areas of expertise through platforms such as Freelancer or Guru and start working immediately. Since these platforms offer the opportunity to earn money with the exchange rate you want, you can achieve your goals of earning euros or earning dollars if you wish. You can develop your knowledge in the fields you are interested in, prepare a content portfolio and start working by gaining customers.

Evaluate Brands’ Websites

Although it is an option that many people question its reliability, rest assured, it is indeed possible to earn dollars by evaluating websites. Today, when social media is the biggest marketing platform, brands are competing with each other to appeal to their customers. As a result, platforms such as UserTesting, where you can evaluate websites in terms of usability or design, create the opportunity to make money. For every 20 minutes of video you evaluate with UserTesting, you have the chance to earn $10.

Work on Platforms Offering Digital Services !

The options we mentioned earlier were usually about how you could work in an industry. In addition, you can attract customers by displaying your skills on platforms that include a wider range of services. For example, Fiverr provides the opportunity to work with anyone you want by listing all the services you can offer for $5. Similarly, with Upwork, you can apply and work for all the jobs that interest you in the categories available on the platform.

Make A Livelihood By Processing Data

Data annotation, a field that is not yet very popular in Turkey, means using information to improve machine learning. This process, which enables the perception of important information about objects by artificial intelligence, creates a very important work area for the creation of a more human-like artificial intelligence.

Data annotation is a field that will also be very useful in the field of translation, but unfortunately, the number of well-established translation platforms that can help in this field is very few yet. It is certain that there will be a need for platforms such as Protranslate, which have a well-established database of expert translations and term banks , in order for this field to merge with translation . Our advice to those who want to work in this field is to follow the developments and learn about data annotation by working on platforms such as Appen in this process. Appen is an online platform that provides short-term or long-term project opportunities to its employees and provides services in areas such as data annotation, transcription, translation, social media evaluation. If you are interested in these areas, you can start your adventure of earning dollars with Appen.

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