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Ways to Earn Stable Income With Computer Work

An article suggesting ways to make money online or make a career in IT to have stable or consistent income, able to survive. because nowadays more and more people more competition Working in this field is not easy at all. Especially freeland workers, independent work

IT work Earn money online from the internet or work that focuses on making money with a unique computer-related skill. Using the Internet program is a job that has many ways to generate income. But the work that requires income that is stable or still standing. It’s a lot of planning.

Examples of ways to generate stable income

All of these approaches, in fact, will provide us with a stable income in any way. It’s just doing the best you can. Because our lives no stability If an accident or illness leads to inability to work Finally, income is difficult to be stable. because of anything In this world is not noon cannot persist Rome wasn’t built in a day. Despite the strong construction foundation and takes a long time to build But in one day it can destroy Rome. When a competitor like Google is born, what is it about?!

For those of you who like computers, like IT jobs, programming, etc., let’s look at ways to train yourself in order to have a stable income
. having one way income Quite risky if one-way income has problems, simply take a bounced or postponed check, it already creates financial problems for us.

2. Train yourself to have many abilities, for example, if you can use any program well, you should train yourself to have the ability to teach. speaker because it will be another way to generate income

3. Very important, produce products related to the work you do. If you have the ability to use Photoshop well. Should produce their own products, such as making books to teach how to use Photoshop or eBooks to teach how to use Photoshop, books that are made into products We may sell to make money directly. or download and earn money Or cover the link, earn money, etc. The important thing is to have the product on hand. Then the way to make money will come by itself. on our bad days can’t work regularly These products will feed us. This is a direct experience. I’ve written a lot of books. On days when the main job is bad, there is no income, you can bring books to sell. Some years I didn’t have to work at all. Use the money to sell books only.

4. Dissemination of knowledge through the website Don’t keep knowledge to yourself. Writing articles for the website There are many ways to make money for us, such as
– Posting ads to make money from Google Adsense
– Selling our own eBooks
– Making video tutorials about what we know. Making videos will help us to be good at speaking. Which can be extended to create other careers such as lecturers, special lecturers
– Serving as speakers on-site
– Selling souvenirs through the website,

5. Writing articles published through the website Try to write like a report. book or thesis The content is organized systematically. Don’t blog If you want to write something, write it. because of the perfect content We will be able to make an Ebook, sell, print books, sell right away. Don’t waste time rearranging.

6. Opening a shop to provide various services such as printing work, finding information, or making a website as well as various services Related to computers, IT, mobile phones, or teaching how to use computers, etc.

The way to work in IT to be stable may be summarized in 2 ways
to work with income every day.
Work that earns money every day, such as writing articles on the website. To earn money from Google Adsense, opening a service shop. which has the opportunity to receive money from customers every day It may be another type of shop that doesn’t have to be related to computers. especially food-related restaurants Drinks because people have to eat and have to use. But computer-related products, if not broken, not broken, not expired, still not buying a new one. income will not occur


Working with a helper to make money

Helpers to generate income in this way, for example, products may be produced as books to be sold nationwide or CDs to teach how to use various programs. Or write ready-made programs, write apps, etc. The product could be anything. which itself can generate income for us Without having to mess with it, like apps, there will be a sales system from Apple, Android or Microsoft that sells apps to us. Each month, money is transferred to the account when the balance is met.

If brought to the top do other business or invest appropriately will be able to earn income from working with stability for sure But the big problem for many people is diligence in education. financial discipline and passion, wanting, wanting, wanting to use, in the end, however much you have, there may not be anything left to keep

This approach can be applied to other types of work as well. no matter what work able to apply knowledge and skills to other applications Be it a car mechanic, an electrician, a farmer, etc., you can study. can develop knowledge about their own profession There are some farmers who are ordinary villagers, but have made video tutorials because planting, grafting, and propagating plants are popular. or sell their own agricultural products

even a car mechanic Repair various equipment can plan to generate a stable income such as recording videos of car repairs of different models or brands as well as disseminating knowledge on the website Or make it into an eBook, it can be made into another income-generating product. In addition to receiving regular income from customers who come to use the service directly

Every profession has all the ways to generate extra income. Just a lot of people don’t know what to do. Give yourself the work you do. Can generate extra income and another problem is I know but I’m lazy to do it. I don’t have time. It’s a problem for most people. I want to have money but I don’t want to do anything…


When studying computer programs until having knowledge and expertise able to make a career Even though there is income from work that is already done, such as a graphic design site There are constant work from customers. Already have a regular income But if you want stability in income don’t stop there Trying to gather what we know keep it organized Or make a book, a manual, or publish it through the website. or find a way to make their own products Make a ready-made program, make an app, etc. If you can do this. It will definitely have a stable income.

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