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How to remove a account from Google Smart Lock

However, There May Be Times When You Need To Remove Your Account From Google Smart Lock. There Are Many Reasons Why You Might Want To Delete Your Google Smart Lock Profile, Whether You’re No Longer Using Your Account Or You’ve Sold Your Old Device. Thankfully, The Process Is Very Simple. Here’s How To Remove Your Account From Google Smart Lock.

Remove Android Smart Lock Feature

If Smart Lock Is Causing Problems On Your Android Phone, You Have Several Options To Deal With It.

Step 1: Select The Settings App . This May Vary Slightly Depending On The Android Platform You’re Using, But It Should Be Easy To Find. If In Doubt, Find The Search Function And Search For “Smart Lock” And You Should Be Directed To The Appropriate Section.

Step 2: Select Security.

Step 3: Find The Smart Lock Section . This Is Usually Located Under Screen Lock Or Advanced Settings . Once Found, Select It.


Select The Android Smart Lock Option.

Step 4: The Smart Lock Menu Will Display Several Control Options. If You Are Interested In Disabling Automatic Login, Please Proceed To Each Of The First Three Sections. Although You Can’t Completely Shut Down Smart Lock, You Can Have Some Control Over Login Behavior In All Three Categories, And You Can Turn Off Most Features To Avoid Jeopardizing Your Security.

Under Body Detection , Look For The Toggle To Disable It Completely.

Under Trusted Locations , Select The Location You Enabled (Such As Your Home Address) And Tap Turn Off This Location .

Under Trusted Devices , Select The Device You Want To Remove (Such As A Chromebook), Then Tap Remove Trusted Device .

If Android Asks You To Reactivate Any Of These Features, Remember To Decline If You Don’t Want Smart Lock To Work Again.

Step 5: If Your Smartphone Does Not Offer These Settings, You Can Access This Feature By Loading The Chrome App On Your Smartphone Instead. Once You Open The App, Click The Three-Dot Icon At The Top Of The Screen, Then Click Settings . From Here, Open The Password Manager Tab. This Will Give You Access To All Your Saved Passwords And Allow You To Remove Or Disable Password Autofill.

Remove Smart Lock On Chrome Browser

Google Smart Lock Also Covers Password Management In The Chrome Browser. This Is A Completely Different Area, But Problems Can Still Arise. Here, Google Smart Lock Acts Like A Password Manager, Collecting And Storing Passwords For The Sites You Visit.

The Ishue Is That These Smart Login Function Don’t Always Work. This Is Especially True If You Recently Updated Your Password And Chrome Has A Hard Time Understanding What Changed. Alternatively, You Can Delete Saved Logins For Better Security. Here’s How You Can Delete Your Account Information At Any Time:

Step 1: Go To Your Google Account Password Page And Log In If Necessary . This Page Is Currently How Google Manages All Your Chrome Passwords. Here You’ll See Notifications About All The Sites And Apps Where Chrome Has Saved Your Login Information, As Well As Sites Where You Might Be Using A Compromised Password.


Go To Your Google Account Password.

Step 2: Find The Website Whose Password You Want To Disable In Google’s List. Select It And Log In Again With Your Google Account Information If Necessary.

Select Delete Account Login Information.

Step 3: The Login Information For That Site Will Be Displayed. Select The Delete Option And Confirm The Deletion. That Particular Account Will Be Removed From Your Password Page.

Step 4: If You Don’t Want Google To Save Your Future Passwords, Select The Gear Icon On The Passwords Home Page And Make Sure To Enable ‘Offer To Remember Passwords’ So You Always Have The Option To Save Your Account . We Recommend That You Do This. Information. You Can Also Disable Automatic Sign-In.


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