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How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

Sending An Email Too Soon Or To The Wrong Person Is Dangerous In The Modern Working Environment. Thankfully, Microsoft Has Planned For This Opportunity With Outlook . The Messaging App Allows You To Call Up Your Email On Both Windows And Mac. This Feature Is Easy To Use, But It’s Buried Deep Within Several Different Menus, So There’s A Good Chance You’ve Never Encountered It During Your Daily Use.

If You’re Not Familiar With This Feature, Here’s How To Recall An Email In Outlook. Please Note That This Only Works On Desktop Clients And Is Not Available To Web-Based Users. It Also Only Works If Both You And The Recipient Use Microsoft Exchange Or Microsoft 365 Accounts In The Same Organization . So If You’re Sending It To Someone Outside Your Work Group, You’re Out Of Luck.

Those Caveats Aside, Here’s How To Revoke An Email.

How To Recalling Emails In Outlook

You’ll Need A Desktop Outlook Client To Recall Email Messages, Which Isn’t Too Bad Considering It’s One Of The Best Email Clients You Can Download .

In The Latest Version, Open The Client And Select “Home” To Get Started.

Step 1: Use The Left Menu And Select Sent Items To View Your Sent Emails.

How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

Step 2: Find The Outlook Message You Want To Recall And Double-Click It. The Email Will Open In A New Window.Step 3: Make Sure The Message Tab Is Selected In The Email Window . Select The Three Dots On The Right Side Of The Toolbar , Hover Over Actions, And Select Cancel This Message.

Step 3: Make sure the Message tab is selected in the email window . Select  the three dots on the right side of the toolbar , hover over Actions, and  select Cancel this message.


How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
 How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac


If You Are Using A Newer Version Of Outlook, When You Open The Sent Items Window And Double-Click A Message, You Will See The Recall Message Option Directly In The Toolbar.

Step 4: If You Don’t See The Three Dots, Select Move From The Toolbar Instead And Click Select Action To Cancel This Message.

How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac


Step 5: A Pop-Up Window Will Appear On Your Screen. There Are Two Options Here: Delete Unread Copies Of This Message Or Delete Unread Copies And Replace Them With New Messages . You’ll Also See An Option To Have Outlook Notify You If The Process Was Successful Or Failed. Select Your Options And Click The Ok Button To Continue . If You Deleted The Message, Congratulations! If You Want To Replace It, Please Continue.

Step 6: If You Choose To Create A Replacement, Outlook Will Open A Second Screen Where You Can Modify The Message. When You Compose A New Email, Outlook Will Recall Your Old Message And Display A Notification (If You Selected That Option). Once You Have Modified Your Message, Simply Click The Send Button.

Note: Sending A Recall Message Does Not Permanently Erase Old Emails. The Recipient May Need To Open The Recall Message First To Erase The Original Message. For This Reason, You Should Type Something Like ” Urgent” In The Title Of Your Cancellation Message To Ensure That It Gets Opened Before The First Nasty Email Arrives. Continue With A Longer Explanation. Microsoft Also Says That In Some Cases, Recipients May Be Notified When A Recalled Message Is Removed From Their Inbox. So Even If You Cancel An Email, Keep In Mind That The Recipient May Know That A Botched Or Offensive Message Was Sent, Even If They Can’t See It. Please.

Add Email Delay To Outlook

Outlook Allows You To Delay Sending An Email So That It Doesn’t Send It Immediately. If You’re Constantly Replying To Emails, Sending And Receiving Private Data, Or Are Just Prone To Making Mistakes, You May Want To Delay Or Schedule Email Sending In Outlook. . You Can Easily Set This Up For All Your Outlook Emails By Following These Simple Steps.

Step 1: Select File In The Top Left Corner Of Outlook .

Step 2: Scroll Down A Little And Click Manage Rules And Alerts .

How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

Step 3: A Rules And Alerts Window Will Pop Up On Your Screen. Now Select The New Rule Option.

Step 4: Another Pop-Up Window Will Appear. Now Click Apply Rule To Messages I Send . You Will See This Listed Under Start With Empty Rule . Press The Next Button To Continue.

How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

Step 5: Ignore The Other Items In The Criteria List And Click Next To Continue. After This, A Confirmation Screen Will Appear. Select Yes To Confirm.

Step 6: Select The Option To Defer Delivery By Minutes . Select The Link Number . A Pop-Up Screen Will Appear Asking You To Select Your Desired Time Period. Enter The Desired Number (Up To 120 Minutes) And Click The Ok Button. When All Tasks Are Complete, Click Next .

How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac
How to Recalling an Email in Outlook on Windows and Mac

Step 7: If You Have An Exception, Select The Required Exception Option. Then Click The Next Button To Continue.

Step 8: Name Your Rule And Check The ” Turn On This Rule ” Checkbox If Available . Finally, Press The “Finish” Button.

Why Can’t I Remember My Messages In Outlook?

Unfortunately, Sometimes It’s Not Possible To Recall Messages In Outlook. There Are Various Reasons Why This Can Happen.

  • I’m Not Using A Desktop Outlook Client.
  • The Recipient Has Already Opened The Message.
  • The Recipient Is In A Different Microsoft Organization Than You.

After All, Outlook Message Recall Is Just A Safety Net If A Little Dot Pops Into Your Head After You Tap Send. Don’t Use It As An Excuse To Send Controversial Or Fiery Messages On The Spur Of The Moment. In Other Words, Take Some Time To Breathe And Think Before You Say, “I’m Quitting!” Message To Your Boss.

FAQs For Recalling Outlook Messages

Can You Remember Your Email After An Hour?

You Can Cancel The Email At Any Time After 1 Hour. Recalling An Email In Outlook Works As Long As The Recipient Hasn’t Opened The Message Yet. However, Once The Email Is Opened, Recall Is Useless, So It’s Best To Act Quickly.

Will The Recipient Know If The Email Was Recalled In Outlook?

In Some Cases, Outlook May Notify Recipients That The Email Has Been Withdrawn From Their Outlook Inbox.

Recall A Message Opened In Outlook:

If The Recipient Opens The Original Email, They Won’t Be Able To Recall It. The Recipient Can Still Retrieve And Read Her Second Recall Message, But The Original Message Remains In Her Outlook Inbox. That’s One Reason He Should Act Quickly.

Redirect To Another Folder.

If The First Message Enabled The Filter And Outlook Rerouted The Message To A Specific Folder, The Undo Will Fail. The Recall Option Only Affects Emails That Remain In Your Inbox. If The First Message Is Waiting Elsewhere, The Message Will Not Disappear.

Messages Sent To Public Folders

If Someone Reads The Message Hidden In The Public Folder, The Undo Will Fail.

Other Email Clients:

The Undo Feature Works For Messages In Outlook. For Example, If You Send An Email To Someone Who Uses Gmail, Undo Won’t Work.

Although Calling Outlook Messages Is Not Foolproof, There Are Still Ways For Recipients To Read Them. However, If You Are Alert, You Can Recall Your Outlook Email Before Any Damage Is Done.

Recalling Emails In Outlook Is The First Step To Becoming A Power User For Your Clients. Want To Learn More? Check Out Our Roundup Of 7 Outlook Features You Probably Didn’t Know About . We Also Have Three Tips To Keep Your Outlook Inbox Organized , Including Automatically Sending Emails To Specific Folders.

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