Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review – Full Specification
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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review – Full Specification

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review

Strong Points

  • High Performance Processor
  • Improved Telephoto Camera
  • Flat Screen Makes It Easier To Use The S Pen
  • Battery Lasts For 2 Days
  • Long-Term Software Support
  • Durable Construction And Materials
  • Circles For Searching On Google


  • Unfortunate Price Increase
  • Speakers Are Easily Hidden
  • Chat Assist Is Almost Unusable
  • Charging Speed Is Just Average

If You Asked Your Chosen Ai Chatbot To Help You Design A Smartphone With The Highest Specs Possible, It Might Come Up With Something Like The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, Which Is Packed With Ai Smarts Of Its Own. Yeah.

After All, There’s Very Little Missing From The Top-Of-The-Line Galaxy, Including Everything From A Stylus To The Latest Processor. Does That Mean You Shouldn’t Think Twice About Your Purchase? Let’s Check It Out.

About Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review Updated In Early February 2024 After Using The Phone For Over Two Weeks, With The First Review Published A Week Ago. During My Testing Period, I Was Using A Review Sample Provided By Samsung, And It Was My Primary Smartphone During This Period.

My Overall Score And Opinion On The Phone Has Remained The Same Since The Publication Of My Original Review, But I’ve Refined A Number Of Things From Using The Phone Longer. Once The Review Model Is Returned To Samsung, We Will Continue To Use The Personal Galaxy S24 Ultra That We Purchased Directly And The Review Will Be Updated Regularly With Additional Information.

On March 1st, Christine Romero-Chan Added A New Section Titled “Second Opinion” With Her Thoughts After Using The S24 Ultra For A Few Weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Design

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

Samsung Hasn’t Actually Changed The Design Of The Galaxy S24 Ultra As It Looks Very Similar To The Galaxy S23 Ultra , But They Have Tried To Make The Phone More Durable, Easier To Use, And Even More Modern. Has Made Various Changes. It May Not Have Been A Major Redesign, But The Changes Are More Meaningful Than Just A Few New Lines Or A Different Look For The Camera.

Replacing The Armor Aluminum Frame Used In The S23 Ultra, The Titanium Frame Is Warmer To The Touch, More Scratch Resistant, And Has A More Appealing Visual Texture. The Curves On The Sides Are Gentler Than Before, And Combined With The Grippy Titanium, It Fits Securely In Your Hand. The Screen Is Also Flatter, And The Bezels At The Bottom Are Smaller, Making The Huge Screen Look Even Bigger. It Is A Smartphone With A Strong Presence.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

The S24 Ultra’s Flat Screen Isn’t A Design Flaw Like Some Other Phones. In Fact, It Makes Writing With The S Pen Stylus More Comfortable When You’re Holding The Phone In Your Other Hand. Dimensionally, There’s Not Much Of A Difference Compared To The Galaxy S23 Ultra, It’s Thinner Than A Hair (8.6mm Compared To 8.9mm), A Millimeter Shorter And Narrower, As Well As Being A Gram Lighter.

So The Galaxy S24 Ultra Is Still A Huge 232g Smartphone That Will Fill Your Pocket. That Said, It’s Not Clunky. Over Time, You’ll Get Used To Discussing Such Incredible Technology. But If You Want A Compact Device, The Regular Galaxy S24 Is Much Better.

Dropping Your S24 Ultra Could Result In Expensive Repairs, So If You’re Worried , We Recommend Adding A Case . Thankfully, It’s Not A Slippery Phone At All. Samsung Says It’s Sealed Enough To Earn An Ip68 Water And Dust Resistance Rating, And The Screen Is Covered In Corning’s Gorilla Armor Glass, Which Is Exclusive To The S24 Ultra . It’s Said To Be Scratch-Resistant, Which Is Great, But Even More Noticeable And Welcome Is That It’s Less Reflective Than Other Glass, Making The Screen Easier To See In Bright Light.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Style Has Been Refined Over The Past Few Generations And Is Instantly Recognizable. The Addition Of Titanium Makes It More Modern And, Surprisingly, So Does The Flat Screen, Which Has Considerable Ergonomic Advantages. It’s Also As Durable As A Cell Phone. I’d Go For Samsung’s Brighter, Online-Only Colors For Visual Stimulation, But Otherwise This Is A Smartphone You’ll Be Proud To Carry, Even If It Doesn’t Always Fit In Your Pocket. Is.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Titanium Orange Color

Anyone With A Titanium Orange Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Titanium Orange) Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
The Back Of The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra In Titanium Orange.Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Titanium Orange) Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Titanium Orange) Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
If You Buy The Galaxy S24 Ultra Directly From Samsung, You Can Choose From Three More Exclusive Colors. We Chose The Titanium Orange Model. It Is The Brightest Color Of All, But You Need To Put It Under The Right Light To Appreciate It.

Inside The Room, The Atmosphere Is Quite Calm, With The Orange Turning Pink. However, When Exposed To Sunlight, The Orange Color Shows Through, Making It A Very Attractive Phone. This Is The Color To Choose If The Standard Colors Are Too Ordinary, But Just Like The Limited Edition Colors Of The Galaxy Z Flip 5 , Note That There Is Legal Text Engraved Below The Samsung Logo On The Back. This Text Is Completely Missing From The Standard Colors.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Screen And Performance

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review

The Special Gorilla Armor Glass Prevents Reflections From Being So Annoying, But The 6.8-Inch Dynamic Amoled 2x Screen Has Another Trick Up Its Sleeve To Make Outdoor Viewing Easier. It Has A Peak Brightness Of 2,500 Nits. I’ve Probably Yet To See It Reach This Level On A Gloomy British Winter Day, But On Sunny Days I Had No Trouble Viewing The Screen Comfortably Even With The Brightness Slider Set To Maximum. Adaptive Brightness Works Well And I Don’t Need To Manually Adjust It. This Shows That It’s Not Actively Limiting Brightness To Save Battery Life.


But What About When You Put It Side-By-Side With The Oneplus 12 ? The New Oneplus Smartphone Has A Peak Brightness Of 4,500 Nits For Those Who Don’t Like Retinas, But Stays At 1,600 Nits If You’re Not Trying To Dazzle Your Eyes. Comparing Them Side-By-Side At Maximum Everyday Brightness (Set Using The Slider), The Oneplus Smartphone Is Certainly A Little Brighter, But It’s Still Pretty Bland. Even With The Pro Settings Enabled In Oneplus’ Color Profiles, It Can’t Match The Beautiful Vibrancy And Pop Of The S24 Ultra. The Oneplus 12’s Screen Is Definitely A Bit Brighter, But Unless You Live On The Surface Of The Sun, I Doubt You’ll Need The Extra Level Of Brightness All That Often.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra And Galaxy S24 Ultra Screens In Bright Sunlight Show Differences In Reflection.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (Left) And Galaxy S24 Ultra, Showing The Difference In Screen Reflections Andy Boxall / Digital Trends
The Screen Ships With A Resolution Of 2340 X 1080 Pixels And Must Be Manually Switched To The Full Resolution Of 3120 X 1440 Pixels. The Refresh Rate Is Adaptive By Default, Dynamically Switching Between 1 And 120 Hz Depending On Screen Activity. In Normal Use, You Won’t Notice Any Difference In Sharpness Even Using The Highest Resolution Settings, And It’s Always Nice And Smooth And Stable. The Screen Always Looks Great.

Qualcomm Has Worked With Samsung To Optimize The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 For The Galaxy Chip Inside The S24 Ultra , Which Comes With 12gb Of Ram And A Selection Of Storage Options. I Had No Issues With Performance At All When Using The Phone For Calls, Apps, And Other Basic Tasks. The Phone Barely Heats Up When Playing Games Like Asphalt 9: Legends For More Than 30 Minutes, And Even Benchmark Stress Tests Never Heat It Up Uncontrollably. Annoyingly, The Speaker Gets Covered Easily When You Turn Your Phone Sideways.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra And Its On-Screen S Pen Stylus.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

This Is The Advantage Of Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro Which Also Uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 . The Forward-Facing Speakers Are Not Easily Hidden And Deliver Even More Bass For A Richer, More Wonderful Musical Tone. Asus’ Redesign Makes The Rog Phone 8 Pro Lighter And Easier To Handle Than The Galaxy S24 Ultra, And The Screen Is Absolutely Beautiful. Playing Games Consecutively Will Allow You To Play Longer On Your Asus Phone, So Consider This If Gaming Is Your Priority.

The Oneplus 12 And Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro Are Strong Competitors In Certain Situations, But The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Performance And Visuals Are Almost Always Amazing And Very Impressive, No Matter What You’re Doing Or Where You Are. A Great All-Rounder. Perfect For People Who Want To Do Almost Everything On Their Phone But Don’t Want To Compromise.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Camera

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Similar To The Galaxy S23 Ultra, The Galaxy S24 Ultra Has A 200-Megapixel Main Camera, A 12mp Wide-Angle Camera, And A 10mp Telephoto Camera For 3x Optical Zoom Photos. The Main Hardware Change Is His New 50mp Telephoto Camera For 5x Optical Zoom, And 10x Zoom Photos Are Now “Optical Quality.” Inside You’ll Find Samsung’s Provisual Engine, Super Hdr, And A Suite Of Galaxy Ai Editing Tools To Enhance Your Photos During And After Shooting.

You Can See How The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Telephoto Camera Compares To The Galaxy S23 Ultra In A Separate Test , Except For Slightly Less Detail At 10x Zoom. Rest Assured, It’s Better, More Colorful, And More Visually Accurate. Photo From The Previous Work. Despite What The Nomenclature Might Lead You To Believe, This Is A Genuine Upgrade.

When Shooting With The Main And Wide-Angle Cameras, The S24 Ultra Performs Very Similar To The S23 Ultra. Not Only Do They Produce Colorful, Punchy Photos That Are Perfect For Social Media, But They Also Have Depth And Detail That Can Be Edited Using Apps Like Lightroom. A Polished Final Look. I Hate How The Main Camera Forces An Annoying “Focus Enhancer” Mode To Activate On Close-Up Shots, Ruining The Depth Of Field You’re Trying To Create.

A More Successful Feature Is The New Ai-Assisted Automatic Slow-Motion Mode. In This Mode, If You Tap And Hold A Video Shot At Normal Speed, The S24 Ultra Will Slow It Down While The Ai ​​Makes Up For The Missing Frames. If The Video Is Very Crowded, It’ll Be A Little Choppy, But Otherwise You Won’t Be Able To Tell It’s Not Actually Shot In Slow Motion. You Can Also Create Your Own Small Stylized Movies By Editing Videos To Slow Them Down Only At Certain Moments. That’s Great.

Photos Taken In Low-Light Conditions Are Bright And Detailed, But They Don’t Translate Well To Previews On Your Phone’s Screen. When The Light Is Replaced With Only Ambient Light, There Can Be Quite A Bit Of Noise On The Galaxy S24 Ultra, And While The Scene Is Recognizable And Bright, I Don’t Think It’s Very Atmospheric. The Galaxy S23 Ultra Had The Same Issue, And When Compared To The Iphone 15 Pro Max, It Lost Out In Night Photography. It’s Certainly Not Terrible, And Its Overall Nighttime Capabilities Are Impressive, But The Photos Lack Realism And Atmosphere.

The Camera Is Also Packed With Video Features, Including Uhd Resolution Recording With Access To All Different Zoom Levels, 8k At 30 Frames Per Second (Fps), And Uhd Slow-Motion Video At 120fps. I’ll Continue To Use The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera Over The Next Week, As Well As Evaluate Its Battery Life. The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera Is Impressive For Its Versatility. The Useful Ai Features Work Very Well And The Telephoto Camera Has Been Improved With His 3x And 5x Zoom. The 10x Zoom Is Also Much Better Than I Expected And Rounds Out The S24 Ultra’s Comprehensive Photography Tools.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Galaxy Ai

In Case You Weren’t Aware Of The Constant Buzz In The Tech Industry At The Moment, Ai Is Being Touted Like It’s Such A Big Deal That Samsung Is Wasting Its Time. Involved Without Being Involved. Galaxy S24 Ultra Comes With A Suite Of Galaxy Ai Tools And Features. But What Are They, Do They Work And, Most Importantly, Are There Any Possibilities To Use Them?

The Circle To Search By Google Feature Is Instantly Great, Taking All The Great Features Of Google Lens And Adding Quick And Easy Gestures To Turn It Into A Visual Search Tool For Your Photos, Instagram Feed, And Across The Web. It Works. This Is Joined By A Generative Edit Photo Tool With Features Similar To Google’s Magic Eraser That Cleanly Removes Distracting Elements From Photos, Resizes And Straightens Images, And Uses Ai To Remove White Space. Can Be Filled. This Is So Good That Only The Most Critical Eye Will Be Able To Tell That It Was Used, Adding A Sparkly Watermark To The Image Where The Magic Has Been Worked.

Anyone With A Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Using The Circle To Search Feature.

Aside From These Two Features, You Might Not Find Much Use For Other Galaxy Ai Tools. The Live Translation Feature Provides Real-Time Translation Of Voice And Text (Across 13 Different Languages), With An Interpreter Sitting Between The Two Of You And Translating The Text You Type In Real-Time. Outside Of Demonstrations At The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Launch, You Won’t Need To Use Any Of These Features Yet.

Chat Assist Is The Worst Ai , Suggesting Ways To Give Different Tones To The Messages You Type, And Is Almost Always Laughable. Beyond Pathetically Adding A Few Emojis And Hashtags To Imitate “Personality,” Any Attempt To Give A Message A Professional Or Polite Tone Continues To Suck All The Personality Out Of It. It’s Totally Awful. This Feature Includes More Convenient Grammar And Spelling Checks, All Enabled With A Simple Tap On The Glittery Icon Above Your Samsung Keyboard. Samsung’s Notes App Also Has Some Ai Features For Summarizing And Adding Formatting To Your Notes.

Responses Generated By Chat Assist Mode On Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

I Tried The Interpreter Mode, Where The Ai ​​Facilitates A Conversation Between Two People Who Speak Different Languages. It Tries To “Guide” The Conversation, But It Can Be Too Clever For Its Own Sake, Because Hearing Something Unexpected Can Confuse You. Not Only Does It Ruin The Illusion Of Automatic Translation, But You End Up Focusing On Organizing Your Phone Call Instead Of Focusing On The Person On The Other End. It’s More Successful When Used For Basic Purposes Like Introductions And Food Ordering, But There’s Little Google Translate Or Other Apps Can’t Do.

Galaxy Ai Isn’t A Reason To Buy The Galaxy S24 Ultra, But Most Of The Features Seem To Work As Advertised. Also, Some Of Them Are Really Useful And Fun, But You May Not Be Able To Use Them Every Day. However, Terrible Features Like Chat Assist Make You Question How Much Thought Has Gone Into This Set Of Tools, And Remind You That Your Phone’s Ai Can Still Be A Bit Of A Gimmick. Let Me.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Battery, Calls, And Charging

The 5,000mah Battery Inside The Galaxy S24 Ultra Has The Stamina To Match The Phone’s Massive Power. During The Break-In Period, I Averaged About 5 Hours Of Use Without Gaming On A Single Charge, And Had About 25% Remaining At The End Of The Day. It’s A Solid Performance, But It ‘S Gotten Much Better Since Then .

After A Few Charging Cycles, The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Battery Consumes Nearly 5 Hours Of Screen Time And Ends The Day With 50% Left. This Involves Games, Apps, Video Streaming, And Calls. After His First Week Of Use, The S24 Ultra’s Battery Was Stable And Capable Of Very Strong Performance. Even If I Bump Up The Screen Resolution To The Full Qhd Setting And Get About 2 Hours Of Screen Time, I Still End The Day With 75% Left.

Battery Life Is Becoming A Big Advantage Of Choosing Samsung’s Largest S24 Model.

Running The Grueling 20-Minute Wildlife Extreme Stress Test Benchmark Reduced The Battery By 14%, Suggesting That Playing Serious Games Would Take Some Strain, But The Phone Did Heat Up During The Process. It Was Just That. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Has Proven To Be Very Efficient Even With Moderately Heavy Use , And Samsung’s Software Is Similarly Effective At Power Management. With Normal Use, The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Battery Can Easily Last Two Full Days. Also, Using Your Phone Lightly Can Help Your Battery Last Even Longer. Battery Life Is Becoming A Big Advantage Of Choosing Samsung’s S24 Model.

A Charger Is Not Included And A 45w Adapter Is Required For The Fastest Wired Charging Speeds. Samsung Compatible, He Used An Anker 313 Gan Charger And The Appropriate Cable And It Took 70 Minutes To Fully Charge The Battery. It’s Acceptable, But The Oneplus 12 Is Much Faster. A Full Charge Takes 90 Minutes When Using A Charger That Doesn’t Support The S24 Ultra’s Fastest Speeds. The Galaxy S24 Ultra Also Supports Wireless Charging, And Reverse Charging Is Also Possible.

Side View Of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Calls And Connectivity Are Excellent, And The S24 Ultra Is One Of The Best-Sounding And Most Reliable Smartphones I’ve Used In A While In This Regard. The Speakers Are Very Clear And It’s Easy To Find The Right Place To Place Them On Your Ears. We Had No Complaints About Quality, Even In Low Signal Areas Where Wi-Fi Calling Was Not Active.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra Connected Well To My Home Wi-Fi, And I Was Able To Connect To Both 4g And 5g Networks When I Was On The Go. It All Sounds Obvious, But It’s Not Always So. If You Want To Use Your Phone As A Phone , The Galaxy S24 Ultra Is A Great Choice.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Software And S Pen Stylus

If You Made A Checklist Of Everything You Want In A Modern Smartphone, The Galaxy S24 Ultra Would Probably Tick Every Box. I Have Android 14 Installed Along With One Ui 6.1 And It’s Been Completely Reliable So Far. Samsung’s Software Takes Some Getting Used To, But Once You Make A Few Key Adjustments, Like Setting The Always-On Screen And Changing Ringtones And Alert Sounds, It’s Easy To Use And Learn.

There’s A Lot Of Customization Throughout, And I Love The New Creative Wallpaper Options. You Can Create Cool Ai-Generated Wallpapers Using A Few Keywords, Such As “Surrealistic Tower Made Of Amethyst In Shades Of Indigo And Blue.” The Quick Settings Screen Is Packed But Logically Laid Out, And Just Tapping The Notification Icon On The Lock Screen Gives You Plenty Of Control Without Having To Delve Into The Main Screen Or Open An App. Become.

One Thing To Note Is That If You Want To Use Samsung’s Chat Assist Feature, You’ll Also Need To Use A Samsung Keyboard. Samsung Keyboards Aren’t As Good As The Alternatives . Swipe Typing Is Far Less Accurate Than Google’s Gboard, Even After A Week Of “Training”, And It Requires Regular Spelling Correction And Correctly Predicting The Most Logical Words As You Type. Categorically Refuse. The Good Thing Is, The Chat Assist Isn’t Great Either, So You Don’t Have To Feel Bad If You Want To Set Gboard As Your Default.

The S Pen Stylus Has Been Removed From The Bottom Of The Phone, And It Doesn’t Appear To Have Any New Features Compared To The Galaxy S23 Ultra. However, The Flat Screen Makes It More Comfortable To Rest The Heel Of Your Palm When Doodling On The Screen, And It Acts As A Wireless Shutter Release For The Camera, Making It Easier To Take Selfies Using The Rear Camera And Without The Hassle Of Setting A Timer. Perfect For Saving. Group Shot.

Samsung Has Promised Software Updates For The Galaxy S24 Ultra For Seven Years , Making It One Of Its Most Supported Smartphones. Because This Phone Has So Many Features And Is Powerful Enough To Last For Years, This Long-Term Support Helps Offset The High Cost Of Purchasing The Device Initially.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Price And Availability

The Galaxy S24 Ultra Starts At $1,300 Or Gbp 1,250 In The Uk, Making It More Expensive Than The Galaxy S23 Ultra And Even The Apple Iphone 15 Pro Max . This Price Comes With 256 Gb Of Storage Space, But You Can Also Pay Extra For 512 Gb Or 1 Tb Of Storage. The Colors Are Titanium Gray, Titanium Black, Titanium Violet, And Titanium Yellow. It Comes In Three Additional Colors, Titanium Blue, Titanium Green, And Titanium Orange , And Is Only Available Through Samsung’s Own Online Store.

There’s No Getting Away From The Fact That The Galaxy S24 Ultra Is Quite Expensive, But All Other Well-Known Similarly Specced Android Smartphones Cost Less. For Example, The Asus Rog Phone 8 Pro Costs $1,199, The Google Pixel 8 Pro Costs $1,000, And The Oneplus 12 Costs $800. The Only Way To Spend More Money Is To Buy A Foldable Smartphone With A Larger Screen Instead. However, With All The Features, Power, And Support You Could Realistically Need For Years To Come, It’s Impossible To Argue With The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Excellent Overall Value.

Samsung Increased The Price Of The Galaxy S24 Ultra By $100 Over The Galaxy S23 Ultra, Which Is Not Only Disappointing But Also Difficult To Justify From A Consumer Perspective. Sure, Some Changes May Have Increased The Cost Of Manufacturing The Phone, Such As The Use Of Titanium, The Unique Gorilla Armor Glass, And Galaxy Ai Features, But As A Result, This Is One Of The Best Non-Folding Phones You Can Buy . It Has Become One Of The Most Expensive . , And Sales Tougher Than Ever. Is It Better Value For Money Than The S23 Ultra? No, It’s Not. You Should Think Seriously Before Upgrading From Your Previous Ultra. However, It’s Still A Great Phone That Will Last For Many Years.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Second Opinion

One Of The Things That Has Deterred Me From Using The Ultra Models Of Samsung’s Flagship S-Series Devices Has Always Been Their Size. I’m A Fan Of Small Phones Simply Because I Enjoy Being Able To Use My Phone With One Hand Without Having To Do Finger Gymnastics To Reach The Top Corners Of The Display.

However, I Was Really Surprised By The S24 Ultra When I Used The Device. Despite Its Huge Size, The New Flat Edges Make It Easier To Handle And Even More Comfortable To Hold. It’s Not A One-Handed Phone For Me Or My Petite Hands, But Surprisingly, Its Size Doesn’t Really Bother Me.

One Of The Reasons Why Size Doesn’t Matter Is Mainly Due To The S Pen. This Is My First Time Using An S-Series Ultra Model, So I Was Eager To Try Out The S Pen. To Be Honest, I Like The S Pen Best On This Device. I Enjoy Using The S Pen Primarily To Control My Phone Instead Of Using My Fingers. That’s Because Using The S Pen Reduces Fingerprints And Smudges Across The Display. A Flatter Display Than Its Predecessor Makes Using The S Pen Even More Fun. Of Course, The S Pen Is Also Very Useful When Taking Selfies, As It Can Be Used As A Remote Shutter Button And More.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Titanium Gray) With S Pen On The Side And Battery Level Display.

Speaking Of Displays, The S24 Ultra Is Definitely One Of The Best Smartphones I’ve Ever Used. I Live In Southern California, Where It’s Always Sunny, So I Need A Bright Display. The S24 Ultra Delivers On This Front With Its Incredibly Bright 2,600 Nits Of Brightness. Plus, Thanks To The New Corning Gorilla Armor Glass, It’s Less Reflective Than Other Smartphones, Meaning Fewer Glare Problems. And With The Dense Resolution, Everything Looks Great In Terms Of Color, Sharpness, And Overall Sharpness.

Another Issue I Had With Samsung Phones Is That Samsung Tends To Make Images Look Too Vibrant To The Point Of Looking Unnatural. Thankfully, Samsung Seems To Have Fixed That With The S24 Lineup, Including The S24 Ultra. The Images Taken With The S24 Ultra Are Very Realistic And True To Life, With A Bit Of Added Vibrancy To The Colors Without Being Too Flashy. Thank You For Fine-Tuning The Color Profile This Time.

Talking About The Camera, The 200mp Main Camera Is Quite Impressive. Photos Are Incredibly Detailed And The 5x Optical Zoom Comes In Handy. I Wish Samsung Had Kept His 10x Optical Zoom Camera, But The New 5x Camera Still Provides Excellent Photos.

Finally, The Battery Life Is Really Long. This Behemoth Has A Built-In 5,000mah Battery That Can Easily Last You Two Days, Depending On Usage. This Is Pretty Impressive And Makes A Big Difference If You Primarily Use An Iphone 15 Pro. 45w Charging Is Also Pretty Fast, But The Oneplus 12 Has 80w Fast Charging, So We Hope Samsung Reaches Oneplus’ Level. Considering The Price Of The S24 Ultra, That’s Not Too Much To Ask, Right?

The S24 Ultra Is My First Samsung Ultra Device, But It’s One Of My Favorites Of 2024 So Far . If You Can Afford It (It’s Not Cheap) And Want The Best That Android Has To Offer, We Recommend Buying The Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Verdict

A Redesign Is Not A True Upgrade. There Are Certainly New Features, New Technologies, And Lifestyle-Enhancing Changes, And The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Has All Of These, Along With All The Other Features And Specification Improvements You’d Expect From A New Phone. Not Only Is It Worth Buying If You Don’t Already Own A Galaxy Ultra Phone, But I Even Think It’s Worth Buying Even If You Own A Galaxy S23 Ultra, If You Can Stomach The Price Increase. That’s Really Good .

Obviously, There’s No Need To Upgrade The Galaxy S23 Ultra ( Although It’s Still Great ). But It’s Reassuring To Know That Samsung Didn’t Just Come Out With A Vague Refresh Of Its Most Expensive Non-Foldable Phone This Year, It’s For Real. I Did It With Galaxy Z Fold 5 Instead Of Galaxy Z Fold 4 . Work On Galaxy Ai Is Going Strong And Some Are Worth Your Time, But That’s Not The Only Reason To Choose The Galaxy S24 Ultra. The Combination Of Everything From Amazing Battery Life To A Truly Improved Camera Makes This A Must-Buy.

Galaxy S24 Ultra Is Really Good.

I’d Say It’s Even Worth Upgrading From A Year-Old Galaxy S23 Ultra, But I Think You Should Buy The Galaxy S24 Ultra With The Intention Of Using It For Years. Quite Apart From Samsung’s Commitment To Using More Recycled Materials, Its Commitment To Software Updates, The Sheer Power Of The Device, And The Soaring Price All Scream “Never Let Me Go!” To Be Honest, I Don’t Think I’ll Get Tired Of The Galaxy S24 Ultra Any Time Soon Or Realize Its Full Potential. There’s Nothing Better Than This, So Buy It And Keep It.

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