How to Post Your First YouTube Video
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How to Post Your First YouTube Video


I’m gonna give you step-by-step instructions about how to create and post your first YouTube video. This video is an update to an earlier article that you may have read. But if you haven’t read that article, you better start at the beginning.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Step one is to create your YouTube channel. Though what you want to do is head on over to and hit sign in in that top right corner, and you’re gonna use your Google ID to sign in to YouTube; they are one in the same. Now if you don’t think you have a Google ID, you probably do, but if you really don’t, first head on over to Google and create a Google account; just follow the instructions on the Google page, it’s super easy.

Next up, you want to head on over to and then really sign in with that Google account you just created. Then select the user icon and hit create a channel. Now if you’ve never done this before, you’re gonna get a pop-up box so you can name your channel. You can name your channel after yourself, or you can even name it after a business. Fill out all the fields, and then that’s it, you’ve created your channel.

Plan Your Video Content

Your next step is to actually plan out your video. Before you even get rolling, you got to know what you need on hand and what you’re gonna say. So if you do content marketing like I do, where you’re promoting your business by giving away advice to people who might need it on the internet, then you might want to have all the information you need on hand, maybe even create some bullet points to have ready. If you’re doing something else like a makeup tutorial, have the makeup on hand and all the tools you need. You know, you get the idea, just be ready with what you want to say and everything you need to say it before you start rolling.

Get Rolling with Recording

The next step is the most fun step, and that’s actually just to get rolling. Now you don’t need any fancy equipment to do this; you can use your smartphone or if you have a DSLR use that. Later down the road, if your YouTube channel is really growing and you’re really loving it, then maybe you want to invest some money into some more serious equipment.

Upload Your Video

Step number four is to actually upload your video. Now to do this on your phone, head on over to the YouTube app and look for this icon; it’s like a camera with the plus sign in it. Just tap on that and then select the video option from the pop-up at the bottom of your screen to open your camera roll. Then select the video you want to upload, and then you can even trim the video in the mobile app before you upload it. On your desktop, it’s a little bit different; you’re gonna head on over to, that same camera with the plus sign icon, and then this window is gonna pop up. You can either drag and drop your video file right into that window, or you can browse and then navigate deeper into your computer to find that video file.

Optimize Your Video

Step number five is a really important step; it’s optimizing your video. This is where you’re gonna give YouTube more information about what your videos about so that YouTube can suggest it to people, or it’s searchable in YouTube. This is really important. Now if you’re uploading from a mobile app right now, there’s not a ton of optimization features on the mobile app; you can give your video a title and I think a description, but that’s it. If you go on over to the desktop, there are so many more options there, and I definitely highly recommend that even if you upload from your mobile app, you head on over to the desktop version to finish your optimization. Here you can give your video a title, and a tip is to give your video the title of something that someone would actually be typing into the YouTube or Google search bar to find your video. So a lot of times, this could be in the form of a question. And then also, you want to give like a pretty nice lengthy description about what the video is about, and it should have a lot of keywords in it that YouTube can use to kind of categorize your video.

Conclusion : Custom Thumbnail

Then on head on over down to applying a custom thumbnail. This is where you get, instead of just a freeze-frame of your video as the thumbnail for what shows up on YouTube search results, you can actually have designed custom thumbnail. And then down below that is a place for metadata; that is the tags, the keywords that are related to your video. It helps YouTube categorize your video even further. I highly recommend using those tools.

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